SmartConsent™ for Data Privacy

Cloud native APIs for responsible and compliant use of personal data.


Consent is the gatekeeper to privacy

Boost your privacy trust score by giving your users the choice

Granular Consent

Improve user participation by letting users decide what can be shared under what conditions


Define consent forms based on your use cases

Data Filtering

Put consent into action and filter data based on user consent

Empower your users and gain their trust

User trust is paramount for companies that collect and process personal data. Trust can only be earned by enabling individuals to control their privacy and providing a transparent process. We believe it is in the best interest of companies to inform and empower their users to take control of the privacy of their own data. In return, businesses that have higher user trust will receive cleaner and more relevant data, improve their efficiency and enhance their customer satisfaction.

ConsentGrid™ uses patent pending SmartConsent™ technology that governs data exchange based on user preferences. Organizations can apply important criteria, such as in-house policies or state and federal requirements, and combine these with user consent to control data exchange in real-time. SmartConsent™ technology is data agnostic, it work with existing data exchange standards, or it can be integrated with internal business entities to control data exchange.

SmartConsent™ for self-managed privacy

Granular, flexible and real-time consent is the foundation for user trust

Describe your consent forms your way
ConsentGrid™ allows you to build consent forms that fit your specific use cases. You can capture end-user consent for terms and conditions, acceptance of privacy policies, communication preferences, and disclose your users how you can use their data, and let them decide.

Consent Governed Data Exchange
ConsentGrid™ offers patent pending data-agnostic technology to filter data based on end-user consent. You can capture consent so that your users can decide under what circumstances their data can be shared with whom. ConsentGrid™ works with the level of granularity you really need.