Privacy governed data flow

ConsentGrid integrates privacy controls into data flow. It combines active user consent and preferences with policies to govern data in-flight. Use ConsentGrid to empower your users and gain competitive advantage beyond compliance.

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Why ConsentGrid?

Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA only set the baseline. User trust is essential for organizations processing or exchanging personal data. But trust can only be earned if companies give customers control over their privacy.

ConsentGrid™ is a SaaS API platform that manages consent and preferences, combines them with policies and regulations, and integrates these privacy controls into data flows. It takes consent management a step further by putting consent and preferences into action to govern all aspects of data use.

Privacy by design

Let your users decide how you can use their data, and respect their choices. Embed privacy into your system.

Compliance, accountability, transparency

Keep an audit-trail of personal data use. Let your users know what you did with their data.

Govern data flow

Apply user preferences and policies to data as it moves between systems. Eliminate the cost of data filtration in multiple platforms.

Integrated privacy

ConsentGrid™ integrates privacy controls into existing systems.

How does it work?


Describe user preferences

Our consent and preference options are limitless. Patent-pending SmartConsent™ technology lets you describe how active user consent directs contextual decisions. You can define consent and preferences as coarse (opt-in/opt-out) or as granular as you need.


Capture consent and preferences

Define consent and preference forms as web pages using your own styles, and host them on ConsentGrid™. Integrate your front-end to the process. Use your customers language with your own styles and let ConsentGrid™ take care of the rest.

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Filter data

Don’t spend resources developing logic that will change. Regulations and requirements are fluid. Use ConsentGrid™ APIs to assign security and privacy labels to data based on policies and regulations, and filter it using context-aware consent. Incorporate privacy-by-design principles by filtering data as it flows between systems.


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