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ConsentGrid is an API platform that helps companies automate privacy operations, respond to legal requirements such as CCPA and GDPR, and gain trust by empowering their customers.

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Why ConsentGrid?

Privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA only set the baseline. User trust is essential for organizations processing or exchanging personal data. But trust can only be earned if companies give customers control over their privacy.

ConsentGrid™ is a SaaS API platform that manages data subject requests, consent and preferences, combines them with policies and regulations, and integrates these privacy controls into data flows. It takes consent management a step further by putting consent and preferences into action to govern all aspects of data use.

Privacy by design

Let your users decide how you can use their data, and respect their choices. Embed privacy into your system.

Compliance, accountability, transparency

Keep an audit-trail of personal data use. Let your users know what you did with their data.

Govern data flow

Apply user preferences and policies to data as it moves between systems. Eliminate the cost of data filtration in multiple platforms.

Integrated privacy

ConsentGrid™ integrates privacy controls into existing systems.


Privacy Controls For Data Flow

Describe privacy policies for data with schemas and entity overlays. Implement privacy-by-design principles by integrating consent and privacy policies into data flow.

  • Add privacy attributes to JSON and XML messages as data flows between systems
  • Apply privacy policies and user consent to data

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Granular Consent Management

Our unique SmartConsent™ technology lets you describe how active user consent directs contextual decisions. Intercept data flow to remove or mask sensitive data based on privacy policies and user consent as it moves between systems. Integrate your existing infrastructure using open APIs to manage consent lifecycle. With ConsentGrid™:

  • Give your users control and visibility over how their data is used and shared
  • Build a granular consent model suitable for your use cases
  • Design consent forms in multiple languages to collect consent
  • Delegate consent management for minors to a parent or guardian
  • Keep an audit trail of consent lifecycle and consent use

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Data Subject Request Automation

Accept, validate and fulfill data subject requests (DSRs) using an integrated workflow engine, web hooks and integration points. Respond to DSRs using a secure privacy dashboard for consumers.

  • Define DSR workflows and forms for different channels and audiences
  • Customize and localize request intake forms
  • Route request processing internally, or integrate with your case management system
  • Use API calls to integrate with third party services like identity validation, or automate backend processing with your existing infrastructure
  • Deliver responses using email or a secure privacy dashboard that you can integrate with your authentication system

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