Automate Privacy
Increase Transparency
Empower Users

ConsentGrid™ is an API platform for organizations that collect and process personal data. It automates data privacy operations and integrates privacy into data flows.

Compliance, accountability, transparency

Keep records of consent lifecycle, consumer requests, and personal data use.


Use our SmartConsent™ technology to build the granular consent for your specific needs.

Privacy Dashboard

Build consumer-facing interfaces for consent management, consumer request intake, and response delivery


Improve consumer engagement using consent and request forms in multiple languages.

Data Minimization

ConsentGrid™ only stores consent information and metadata.

Privacy by design

Integrate consumer choices and privacy policies to business processes.

Privacy for Data Flows

Apply user consent and policies to data as data moves between systems.

Open APIs

ConsentGrid™ embeds privacy controls into existing systems.

ConsentGrid™ helps organizations capture and manage granular consent, automate consumer requests (DSRs), and apply privacy controls to data flows. It filters or masks data using consumer choices and data exchange policies.

ConsentGrid™ is designed to integrate with existing host systems. It is not limited to a fixed data model or a particular data exchange standard and can be applied in various domains.

Application Developers, IT Service Providers

IT departments, mobile and and service providers can offload consent capture, consumer request intake and response management to ConsentGrid™, Read more..


For organizations that collect and process personal data, ConsentGrid™ helps with compliance to privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA by keeping records of consent lifecycle events, consumer requests, and personal data use Read more..

Health Data

For medical providers, hospitals, health information exchanges, and digital health companies, ConsentGrid™ streamlines medical data exchange and enhance interoperability with automated privacy tools. ConsentGrid™ enhances an organization’s transparency, empowers patients with control, and improves their engagement and trust. Read more..

Social Determinants of Health

ConsentGrid™ helps to integrate social determinants of health data into medical data with privacy controls. It gives medical providers a holistic view of factors impacting a patient’s health.

Read more..

Community Settings and Safety Net Organizations

ConsentGrid™ can enable privacy-conscious data sharing between community and safety net organizations, local, state, and federal government agencies to improve patient engagement and care coordination.

Read more..

Children's Data

Children’s data are protected with specific privacy laws, such as COPPA, GDPR-K. Depending on the jurisdiction these regulations require online service providers and websites to obtain consent from the parent/guardian. Read more…

Research Organizations

Informed consent is an integral part of subject recruitment and research activities for clinical trials. Read more…


Public health emergencies are among the few exceptions when collecting and sharing data from individuals can serve the common good. Pandemic specific digital applications (surveillance, contact tracing, etc.) further increase the need for automated privacy features. Read more…

2020 Prime Health Innovation Challenge Semifinalist

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