Automate Privacy
Manage User Choices
Control Data Flow

Privacy controls to collect, process, and exchange data

ConsentGrid™ Platform


Build privacy-aware data flows

  • Define policies for different data processing and exchange scenarios to classify, mask, filter, or pseudonymize data.
  • Manage privacy settings to honor consumer preferences and data processing/exchange agreements.
  • Integrate granular consent decisions to data flow.


Capture consumer choices and requests

  • Use ConsentGrid™ consumer-facing privacy dashboard to collect user consent and preferences for data processing and sharing.
  • Accept and securely respond to data subject requests (DSRs).
  • Use consent decision service to make contextual consent decisions.


Process and exchange data

  • Filter, pseudonymize, and track data as it moves between systems for machine learning and ETL pipelines.
  • Apply privacy filters to data shared with third parties.
  • Eliminate ad-hoc privacy controls.
  • Data stays in the network. Process data inside your infrastructure.

Privacy for Data Flow

Apply user consent and policies to data as it moves between systems.

Privacy Dashboard

Build consumer-facing privacy dashboard for consent management, consumer request intake, and response delivery.

Consent Decision Service

Describe consent model and contextual decisions using SmartConsent™ technology

Compliance, accountability, transparency

Keep records of consent lifecycle, consumer requests, and personal data use.


  • MyData Online 2020

    Watch our demo of privacy controls for data flow at MyData Online 2020

Application Developers, IT Service Providers

ConsentGrid™ provides consumer-facing privacy dashboard and APIs to manage consent lifecycle and data subject requests (DSRs), privacy filtering components for data warehouses, ETL and AI pipelines. Read more..


ConsentGrid™ helps compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA by keeping records of consent lifecycle events, consumer requests, and personal data use. Read more..

Health Data and Research

For medical providers, health information exchanges, clinical research organizations, and digital health companies, ConsentGrid™ streamlines medical data exchange and enhances interoperability with automated privacy tools. Read more..

Interagency Data Exchange and Community Settings

ConsentGrid™ allows privacy-conscious data sharing between community and safety net organizations, local, state, and federal government agencies to improve patient engagement and care coordination. Read more..

Children's Data

ConsentGrid™ helps compliance with privacy laws that are specific to children's data such as COPPA and GDPR-K. Read more...