SmartConsent™ for Data Privacy

Cloud native APIs for responsible and compliant use of personal data.

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Consent is the gatekeeper to privacy

Boost your privacy trust score by giving your users the choice

Granular Consent

Improve user participation by letting users decide what can be shared under what conditions


Define consent forms based on your use cases

Data Filtering

Put consent into action and filter data based on user consent

Empower your users and gain their trust

User trust is vital for companies that collect, process, and share user data. But trust can only be earned if these companies adapt transparency and give customers control over the privacy of their data. Businesses that have higher trust rankings will receive cleaner and more relevant data, improve their efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

ConsentGrid™ uses the patent pending SmartConsent™ technology that governs data exchange based on user preferences. Depending on their specific needs organizations can apply important criteria, such as in-house policies or legal requirements and combine these with user consent to control data exchange in real-time. SmartConsent™ technology is data agnostic, it works with existing data exchange standards, or it can be integrated with internal business entities to control data exchange.

Empowered customers are more willing to share information, and are more forgiving of data privacy breaches, remaining loyal after the fact
Harvard Business Review, February, 2018
Privacy maturity has become an important competitive advantage for many companies. Organizations should work to maximize the business benefits of their privacy investments, which may go beyond the requirements of any particular privacy regulation.
Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study, January 2019

SmartConsent™ for self-managed privacy

Granular, flexible and real-time consent is the foundation for user trust

Customizable user consent and preferences
ConsentGrid™ allows you to build web forms to capture user consent and preferences based on your specific needs. Forms can be designed for terms and conditions, acceptance of policies, data sharing choices, communication preferences, or for any other business cases.

Context aware SmartConsent™
With our patent pending SmartConsent™ technology you can describe how active user consent directs contextual decisions. ConsentGrid™ works with the level of granularity you really need.

Consent governed data exchange
Don't spend time and resources developing logic that will change when regulations or requirements change. Instead, use ConsentGrid™ APIs to assign security and privacy labels to data, filter it using contextual information, and use the result without additional controls.

Complete API toolkit for consent management
We provide flexible APIs with OpenAPI specifications so you can generate the client code for the language of your choice, or you can call our APIs directly from your application backend. ConsentGrid™ has standards-based REST APIs for resource access, and RPC-style APIs suitable for UI flows.