Social Determinants of Health

ConsentGrid™ helps integrating social determinants of health information into medical data with privacy controls. It gives medical providers a holistic view of factors impacting patient health.

SDoH (income, neighborhood, education, access to healthy food, transportation, etc.) are critical variables describing an individual’s social and physical environment. Since SDoHs impact health outcomes, they need to be considered for clinical decision-making and care coordination.

SDoH and data privacy are closely related:

  • Vulnerable populations where SDoHs matter most are also at increased risk for discrimination. Their position in a society (homelessness) or medical conditions (mental health) can prevent them from seeking critical care.
  • Data privacy is becoming a SDoH. Large amounts of consumer data are used to create profiles, which then are used to target individuals with customized pricing, advertisements, or opportunities that impact the individual’s choices.
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