Application Developers, IT Service Providers

For mobile and web application developers, IT departments and service providers, ConsentGrid™ provides back-end services for privacy operations and front-end APIs for building consumer-facing interfaces. ConsentGrid™ uses our patent pending SmartConsent™ technology to allow the host organization control what information is necessary for user consent, and how contextual information affects consent decisions. This allows consumers to give conditional granular consent.

ConsentGrid™ also allows host organizations to manage data exchange policies, and control data flow within or between organizations.

COVID-19 Applications

Public health emergencies are among the few exceptions when collecting and sharing data from individuals can serve the common good. Pandemic specific digital applications (surveillance, contact tracing, etc.) further increase the need for automated privacy features. Around the world, privacy concerns have limited the introduction of these apps. But even during a pandemic we can maintain a human-centric approach and preserve data privacy. ConsentGridā„¢ can support organizations responding to the pandemic. Read more…

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