Consumer & Data Subject RequestsDSR

Accept data subject requests, manage fulfillment workflow with manual and automated processes, and respond with a consumer privacy dashboard

With ConsentGridā„¢ you can build a unique Privacy Dashboard where consumers can submit their requests and receive responses securely. ConsentGridā„¢ automates request intake, manages request workflow, integrates with case management and identity validation systems, and facilitates responses to the consumer requests. It keeps records of all requests and responses making it easy for businesses to create and provide reports whenever needed.

Automate Request Intake

Create your own data subject request intake forms for your customers or web site visitors and embed them into your website or application.

Customized, Localized DSR Forms

Create customized DSR forms for different audiences in different languages with all the data fields you need.

Request Fulfillment Workflows

Route data subject request handling through work queues, generate automated emails, or connect to your existing case management system.


Integrate data subject request workflows with third party identity validation services, case management systems, or your own back-end services to automate response.

Consumer Privacy Dashboard

Respond to data subject requests by communicating with your customers through a secure privacy dashboard using back-end authentication, or OAuth.

Open APIs

Use open APIs to integrate our secure APIs to your back-end and front-end to fully integrate ConsentGrid™ to your systems and build unique experiences for your consumers.

Audit Trail and Reports

Keep an audit trail of requests and steps you took to fulfill them, run reports.

Privacy By Design

Minimize the data you keep in your DSR system. Set data retention policies to keep minimal data within your DSR system.

See ConsentGrid DSR in Action

Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo. We will show you how you can integrate DSR processing into your existing systems and automate request processing.

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