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Empower your users by letting them decide how you can use their data.

Privacy regulations such as the European GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) require businesses to be more transparent and to offer more control to consumers whose data they collect, process, or sell. Adopting these changes might seem cumbersome at first, but empowered customers are more willing to share data that is clean and more relevant to business goals, they feel respected, and thus, are more trusting and more likely to stay loyal.

Empowering users entails more than just getting their consent with yes/no or opt-in/opt-out selections. It includes being completely transparent about the collection and use of their data, providing them with granular choices so they can approve or deny which information to be used, for what purpose, shared with whom, and for how long. It also offers the unconditional flexibility to change their selections at any time.

ConsentGrid™ is the only solution that truly empowers users giving them full control of their data in real-time while integrating their preferences easily into complicated business processes.

Empower your users

Adopting transparency and granting users control over their data provide benefits that go beyond compliance. Empowered customers are more willing to share data that is more relevant to business goals, they feel respected, and are more likely to stay loyal.


Implement privacy-by-design principles by embedding automated privacy controls into business practices. Enforce privacy regulations and policies without interruption and eliminate the need for filtration and additional controls at the point of use.

Compliance, Accountability, Transparency

Integrate user preferences, organizational privacy policies, and regulations into internal and external data flow, and be ready to respond to changing regulatory expectations quickly.

How does it work?


Describe user preferences

Our consent and preference options are limitless. Patent-pending SmartConsent™ technology lets you describe how active user consent directs contextual decisions. You can define consent and preferences as coarse (opt-in/opt-out) or as granular as you need.


Capture consent and preferences

Define consent and preference forms as web pages using your own styles, and host them on ConsentGrid™. Integrate your front-end to the process. Use your customers language with your own styles and let ConsentGrid™ take care of the rest.

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Filter data

Don’t spend resources developing logic that will change. Regulations and requirements are fluid. Use ConsentGrid™ APIs to assign security and privacy labels to data based on policies and regulations, and filter it using context-aware consent. Incorporate privacy-by-design principles by filtering data as it flows between systems.


Unlimited Consent Options

Use the consent model that is best suitable for your business. Start with one of our samples and customize to implement:

  • Opt-in/Opt-out
  • Do not sell my data (CCPA)
  • Terms and conditions
  • Communication preferences
  • Granular privacy choices
  • E-signature

or, define your own consent model from scratch. Engage and empower users by presenting the right level of detail in their own language.

See some live examples of consent forms

Context-Aware Consent

Our unique SmartConsent™ technology describes what the user is agreeing to, how consent relates to data, and the situations to which consent applies. Add custom attributes to consent data to describe user choices and define the logic to make contextual decisions.

Audit trail and Consent use history

ConsentGrid™ is a central consent repository with a history of consent lifecycle and consent use showing who requested consent under what context. These features facilitate internal and external audits and allow you to respond to data subject requests more timely and accurately.

Integrate existing systems

Use our OpenAPIs to integrate your systems with ConsentGrid™. Embed consent forms into your web pages, host forms on ConsentGrid™, or use your own forms. You can modify and query consent and data subject records from your applications, run reports, and respond to audits and data subject requests.

See API Documentation

SaaS Pricing

Sign up for free and explore. When ready, upgrade to a paid plan that fits your needs. First 14 days are free in all paid plans.

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$ 1100 / mo

  • Unlimited consent forms
  • Unlimited data subjects
  • Unlimited API calls


$ 400 / mo

  • Unlimited consent forms
  • 500K data subjects
  • 5M API calls


$ 190 / mo

  • 10 consent forms
  • 50K data subjects
  • 500K API calls


$80 / mo

  • 2 consent forms
  • 10K data subjects
  • 100K API calls

Other Options

Install self-managed ConsentGrid™

Includes all ConsentGrid™ components, deployed on your cloud provider or data center. No usage limits or restrictions. Contact us for details and pricing.

We can help you integrate with ConsentGrid™

Contact us for help on how to implement custom consent options and how to design and integrate consent forms.

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