Cloud Privacy Labs at SecureWorld Denver 2019


ON Oct 31, 2019

SecureWorld Denver 2019 conference took place between October 29-30 at the Denver Cable Center. Cloud Privacy Labs was one of the sponsors.

SecureWorld, with its annual conferences and training courses, serves as a hub for cybersecurity news and resources across North America. 2019 Denver meeting introduced the first Privacy Track where privacy and security professionals interacted during the conference. Experts from both fields participated in panels and discussed regulatory and practical challenges in the field. Lively discussions continued throughout the conference. Burak Serdar of Cloud Privacy Labs was one of the speakers in the Privacy Panel titled ‘A Solution Stack Ideation’, This panel focused on integrating privacy principles into business practices, available solutions, and their differences.

Throughout the conference, Cloud Privacy Labs hosted a booth presenting ConsentGrid. Here conference participants saw a live demo of ConsentGrid features and how different privacy factors can be easily integrated to control data flow.

A Solution Stack Ideation Cloud Privacy Labs Booth Solution Panel